Air Emergency Service

Call sign HERO 1

How to prepare helicopter landing zone (LZ)
for emergency use only

LZ Safety Considerations
  • Hazards (smoke, gas release)
  • Obstructions (wires, poles, towers, stumps)
  • Terrain Features (sloping ground)
  • Surface Considerations (dust, snow)
  • Persons or Animals (NOTIFY IF PRESENT)
  • Wind Weather (velocity, visibility, cloud height)
Important Aircraft Safety Rules
  • Never approach unless directed by aircrew
  • Never walk near tail rotor area
  • Never approach from an up hill slope
  • Never direct bright light at pilot or aircraft
  • Try to approach from 10o’clock AND 2 o’clock
  • Keep low, hands and items below shoulder height
  • Follow aircrew directions
  • Secure all loose objects in LZ
  • No unauthorized personnel near aircraft
  • Protect eyes from blowing dirt, snow, debris
  • No smoking within a 100 feet of aircraft

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