Local HERO Foundation


Beginning in 1991, Phoenix Heli-Flight provided ad-hoc helicopter medevac services to the Wood Buffalo region. Thousands of patients have received an improved level of care in situations such as motor vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, medical emergencies, and recreational vehicle accidents.

Before 2013, operations had always been limited to daylight hours and a minimum level of weather conditions. With the soaring population and level of activity in the region it became clear that a higher level of service needed to be reached. In 2013, the Local HERO (Helicopter Emergency Response Organization) Foundation was established with the goal of providing 24/7 dedicated medevac helicopter coverage for the region. Night Vision Goggle operations were approved in December 2013 and in July 2014 the Foundation took delivery of a new EC135 T2e helicopter. Since the dedicated program’s inception over 500 medevac missions have been flown.


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