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Richardson Backcountry


Jun 14


Everyone take care while enjoying the Richardson Backcountry this summer! If you have an emergency, call 911. If necessary the Local H.E.R.O. (Helicopter Emergency Response Organization) medevac helicopter will be dispatched with Fort McMurray Fire Department medics. Here is an evacuation map along with the coordinates of the Richardson Backcountry evacuation points, please take them with you in case of emergency. To support our region’s dedicated medevac helicopter program click here.

Richardson Backcountry Evac Map Richardson Backcountry Evac Coordinates

3 Responses to “Richardson Backcountry”


    I was going over the Go-Go Lake/ Richardson Airstrip GPS Locotion, and would like a conformation on this position, Please, This list and names of GPS locations is Great idea for all the users of this area. I have not checked all of the GPS locations but I will let you know if I find others as well.

    Thank You

  2. Bruce Cathcart

    I have had time to go over the rest of the GPS Locations and there are 3 that need to be checked,
    KEITH LAKE, SIX LAKES 2, and LAROCQUE LAKE. Larouque Lake’s GPS Location shows it at 47.5 +- kms North of Fort Chip.????

    Bruce Cathcart.

    • Cameron

      Hi Bruce, thank you for looking into the coordinates. We pulled the list from a manual we did not create, please pardon us for sharing without double checking their accuracy. We are working on a revised list and map and will post them as soon as they are complete.

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